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WPLI Fails to Achieve Consensus

Written by on April 4, 2018

After 22 months of work, the local committee devoted to the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative could not come to an agreement.
Almost two years ago, the committee, led by chairperson Bucky Hall, was tasked with advising the Park County Commissioners on whether or not to designate two areas in the surrounding mountains as wilderness areas. Field trips to the sites, along with expert testimonies and the gathering of public opinion, gave the committee an insight into the different issues surrounding the designation.
However, yesterday Bucky Hall came to the Commissioners with regret, as the committee could not come to a consensus.

Because the committee could not come to an agreement, the commissioners have chosen to hold another set of meetings to hear what the public’s opinion is on whether or not to designate a portion of land in the McCullough Peaks, as well as a segment called the High Lakes south of the Montana border, as wilderness areas. Those meetings will be the 25th and 26th of April in Powell and Cody, with locations to be determined at a later date.

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