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New Year, New You

Written by on January 2, 2019

Are you ready for a change? The beginning of the year often leads people to make resolutions, in which they promise themselves that THIS YEAR will be the year of change, THIS YEAR they’ll get into shape, lose weight, make the money… and then within just a week or two, they find themselves back into their old routines and habits. How do you set yourself up for LASTING CHANGE? I’m Wendy Corr, and in today’s wellness tip, I’ll help you identify ways you can break old habits and set yourself up for your best year ever.
New Year’s Resolutions are one way to kick-start your health and life goals. But how do you ensure that the new routines you want to put in place will actually stick with you this time?
First and foremost, start small. Make resolutions that you KNOW you can keep. If you want to increase your time at the gym, don’t start out by committing to six days a week – start with three. If you want to eat healthier, start by just eliminating one or two trigger foods, then you can work your way up.
Don’t see the new behaviors as a form of punishment, as atonement for something you think you’ve done wrong. Tell yourself that by eating better and moving more, you’re treating your body WELL, and giving it what it needs.
Don’t try to change a lot of habits all at once. Add in new habits gradually. The first week, maybe you work on time management. The next week, cut out desserts or soda. The week after that, you could begin your new workout routine.
A sure-fire way to help keep you and others on track is to band together and support one another! Get yourself a buddy who you can be accountable to. Share your successes and your struggles, but most importantly, stay on track by reminding each other of the bigger picture.
Your WHY is that big picture. Why are you trying to accomplish these goals? Put up reminders of the reasons you want to get healthy – leave yourself notes, put up pictures that will keep that goal at the top of your mind.
And remember, you’ll never attain perfection! So if you slip up one day or one week, don’t throw all your efforts out the window. Remind yourself that life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon – steady persistence will pay off in the end.
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