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No Time to Eat Healthy?

Written by on May 10, 2017

One of the most common concerns about switching to a healthier lifestyle is always time – in our fast-paced society, time is precious! So how do you eat healthy when you’re too busy already? I’m Wendy Corr, and I’ll give you some ideas in today’s wellness tip.

I really understand what it’s like to have a busy schedule. Personally, I have five different jobs that keep me running from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. But it’s important to me that I eat healthy, because I know that if I feed my body junk, I won’t have the energy to keep up with all my obligations. And really, who has time to be sick?

So while eating healthy does require a little planning, it is easier than you might think. And it’s time well spent! Think about it – if you wait to decide what you’re going to have for lunch or snacks until just before you leave home to go to work, or just after you get home in the evening, you may not have everything you need to eat a balanced meal – so planning is key.

Dr. Mark Hyman, a highly regarded functional medicine doctor, has come up with six strategies that help his patients stay consistent with their healthy eating, even with the tightest of schedules.

First, make two lists – a list of meals you’ll need for the week, and a grocery list for those meals. Keeping a list and sticking to it saves time, money, and prevents those impulse choices!

Second, frozen veggies are a huge time saver – so are pre-prepped fresh veggies like onions and leafy greans. When you don’t have time to chop and prep before every meal, frozen vegetables without added seasonings or sauces are a healthy choice!

And don’t be afraid of canned foods. Make sure to choose lower-sodium versions, and read the labels carefully to make sure that unhealthy ingredients aren’t added.

Schedule a prep day for your family when you can spend a few hours in the kitchen, cooking and storing food in individual containers for meals later in the week. Make it fun!

And finally, when you’re really pressed for time, at least go healthy. If you have to catch a meal on the run, choose whole foods like lean meats and fresh or steamed veggies.

Thanks for tuning in to Wellness with Wendy! I love sharing tips and tricks to help you live your best life – so for more health and wellness news and advice, follow my blog on See you again next time for Wellness with Wendy!

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