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Noah & Charlotte Most Popular Baby Names in 2022

Written by on April 17, 2023

Vital Statistics Services (V.S.S.), part of the Wyoming Department of Health (W.D.H.), released the top ten baby names for boys and girls in 2022 last week. Unfortunately, after an above-average birth rate in 2021, 2022 resumed the downward trend Wyoming has been experiencing in recent years.

There were 6,050 births among Wyoming resident mothers in 2022 compared with 6,236 in 2021. July was the month with the most births at 560, and January had the least with 431.

“After a one-year increase last year, likely related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyoming is back to the ongoing downward trend that’s been continuing over several years,” said Guy Beaudoin, V.S.S. deputy state registrar with W.D.H.

For newborn Wyoming boys:

  1. Noah
  2. Henry
  3. Hudson
  4. Owen
  5. William & Wyatt (tied)
  6. Oliver
  7. John
  8. Benjamin
  9. Bridger

For newborn Wyoming girls:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Olivia
  3. Hazel and Emma (tied)
  4. Harper
  5. Evelyn
  6. Paisley
  7. Nova
  8. Isabella
  9. Eleanor

Charlotte and Noah were among Wyoming’s most popular baby names in 2021, at second and fifth on their respective lists. The most popular names of 2021 were Oliver and Olivia.

Beaudoin said, “Many babies are honored with names passed down through their families. Other influences on name choices can include currently popular movies, television shows, musicians, or celebrities.”

V.S.S..S. promotes and protects the health of Wyoming residents by serving as the official custodian of all vital records in the state and by distributing health information and reports. Details about obtaining official records, more state statistics, and information about the program can be found online at

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