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Non-Traditional Valentine’s Ideas

Written by on February 10, 2023

Throughout my entire adult life, I haven’t exactly done everything the same way my parents did them. For example, instead of going to a traditional 4-year college, I went to radio school; when I married my ex, we eloped instead of having a big traditional wedding. So why should Valentine’s Day be any different??

Here are a few non-traditional ideas, for your Valentine’s plans….

• Get Back to Nature – Consider hitting the slopes, sliding on an ice rink or check out a State or National Parks for a hike.

• Look Into the Future – Find a psychic or get a Tarot reading as there’s nothing like finding out if you & your honey are a perfect match from the get-go.

• Escape Room – These things are all over the place now-a-days & what better way to bond as a couple than to work together to…well, escape!!

• Watch a Sunrise/Sunset – Okay, I had to add at least one romantic activity. Since V-Day lands on a Tuesday this year, many of us will be working. Try to leave work a bit early, grab your honey & watch the sunset together.

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