Video: Big Horn Radio "Super Bowl" - Who Will Prevail?

Video: Big Horn Radio “Super Bowl” – Who Will Prevail?

Written by on February 10, 2023

It was a mildly pleasant day at the Big Horn Radio Network in Cody for the first (annual) Big Horn Radio “Super Bowl.” The only rule – finish your food.

The four flagship stations took their places on the field, technically the conference table at 1949 Mountain View Drive. The competitors were giddy but resolved. Sitting before them was the “Super Bowl” – eight scoops of their choice of Wilkinson’s ice cream.

  • Mac Watson of KODI (Strawberry with red sprinkles)
  • Kim Kelley of KTAG (Strawberry)
  • Logan Phillips of KCGL (Coffee with chocolate chips)
  • Brayden McCoy of KZMQ (Vanilla with multicolor sprinkles)

The rules were simple – the first to finish their bowl with their spoon in hand won the Big Horn Radio Super Bowl.

There were no dirty tricks once the feasting began – but to say it was a “clean fight” wouldn’t be exactly true either. Several techniques were employed to empty the Super Bowls. There was no “all scream for ice cream,” but the competition was nearly lost to uncontrollable giggling.

Mac Waston persevered until he got iced over.

Kim Kelley ensured she was tactically spoon-fed.

Logan Phillips was making others eat the dust as he encountered “speed bumps.”

Brayden McCoy got creamed – but he certainly wasn’t bowled over

It was more than just desserts. But in the end . . . there can only be one.

Big Horn Radio Super Bowl contestants

Watch the unedited Big Horn Radio Super Bowl in its entirety here, with running improvised commentary from KODI’s Andrew Rossi.

“Everyone knows that ice cream is worth the trouble of being cold. Like all things virtuous, you have to suffer to gain the reward.” – Brandon Sanderson, American author, and ice cream enthusiast.



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