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Now You Know: Utah’s Mysterious Monolith

Written by on December 2, 2020

Where did it come from? No one knows.

As you may have heard, a mysterious metal monolith was found near Moab Utah recently and no one knows where it came from or how long it was there before being discovered. Of course, when this became news, a ton of people flooded to the area in search of the monolith.

After a few days though, the monolith mysteriously disappeared. No one knew who had taken it down or how. The Bureau of Land Management said they weren’t sure where it went either.

The truth about where it went is now out. A photographer named Ross Bernards witnessed it being removed by a group of four individuals.

This photographer was one of the last people to snag a picture of the monolith and when he asked why they were removing it, they said because of “leave no trace”.  This is an outdoor principal that encourages folks to “leave no trace” of anything whenever they are outdoors, and these people who were removing the monolith believed that the monolith was attracting crowds that were damaging the land.

Is this the last we’ll hear about this monolith? Who knows?

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