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Wyoming’s COVID-19 Death Count Grows

Written by on December 2, 2020

38 more Wyoming residents have died due to COVID-19, including two Park County residents.

All the deceased were Wyoming residents who tested positive for COVID-19 and were added to the state’s posted total between Nov. 21 and 25. The Wyoming Department of Health released more details Tuesday evening.

Both deaths in Park County were older women. They were described as “hospitalized and having health conditions recognized as putting patients at higher risk of serious illness related to COVID-19.” Both died early in November.

Other deaths in the Bighorn Basin were an older adult man and woman in Big Horn County and an older adult man and long-term care facility resident in Washakie County. The total number of COVID-19 related deaths in the Bighorn Basin’s counties — as of Dec. 1 –are:

  • 13 deaths in Big Horn County
  • 1 death in Hot Springs County
  • 6 deaths in Park County
  • 8 deaths in Washakie County

Natrona County has the highest COVID-19 mortality in the state so far, with 46 deaths. The statewide total is 230 deaths, according to the Wyoming Department of Health’s website. Many other sources still have the total count at 215 at this point.

According to the Wyoming Department of Health: deaths among Wyoming residents are added to the state’s total based on official death certificate information. If death certificates do not describe COVID-19 as either causing or contributing to a person’s death, those deaths are not included in Wyoming’s count.

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