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Nutrition Trumps Exercise for Weight Loss

Written by on December 4, 2018

Have you ever found yourself eating something that you know you probably shouldn’t be eating but then telling yourself, It’s okay, I’ll go to the gym later and burn this off. But is there any truth to this theory?
I’m Wendy Corr, with your daily Wellness Tip!
Often we operate under the myth that if we have a regular workout routine, it’s okay to indulge in higher calorie meals because, quote, “We’ve earned it.” However, if your goal is weight loss, that theory may backfire on you. When it comes to losing weight, your results really are 80% from your diet, and only 20% from exercise.
But, what about shows like The Biggest Loser, and testimonials from celebrities who have six pack abs and attribute their success to the latest exercise craze?
In reality, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. It takes a ton of activity to lose weight just through working out. Basically, you’d need to run seven to 10 miles a day to lose one pound a week, without increasing your regular calorie intake.
Holly Lofton, M.D., an assistant professor of medicine and director of the weight management program at New York University, says she sees this in patients all the time. People think, ‘If I run the marathon or start going to boot camp, I’m going to lose weight’, but they’re often disappointed when they don’t.
Yes, staying active is absolutely essential to a healthy lifestyle—the American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. But if your aim is weight loss specifically, what you eat is far more important than how active you are. And it’s not about eating less, but eating RIGHT. If you fill up on more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins rather than pizza and ice cream, you’re much more likely to see the scale move in the right direction.
The bottom line: What you eat matters more than how you work it off, but fitness will push you past plateaus and help you achieve your ultimate goals.
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