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Old Faithful Could Go Quiet Again For The First Time in 800 Years

Written by on October 16, 2020

Even though it’s named Old Faithful, the frequency of the famous geyser’s eruptions have actually varied quite a bit over centuries.

800 years ago, Old Faithful went quiet long enough to allow some tree growth near the geyser itself.  This phenomenon implored researchers to try and figure out why this was.

After carefully analyzing some mineral wood samples from that time period, these researchers realized that there was very low precipitation and low groundwater supply.  Therefore, as a result, there was simply not enough water in the ground to cause an eruption.

With droughts increasing in severity seemingly every year, experts predict that we could see Old Faithful dry up once again.

Old Faithful has always varied in the time of its eruption over the last century, but unless there is a reversal of the current climate conditions, a major variation in geyser eruptions may be on the horizon.  These conditions are not favorable for the future of the Yellowstone ecosystem.  If Old Faithful does go quiet, it is unclear how long that quiet period could last.

Of course, these are just predictions and not a guarantee of anything.  Everyone loves Yellowstone, so let’s hope Old Faithful’s eruptions remain consistent.

If you are planning on visiting Yellowstone this winter, keep in mind that the opening and closure dates of the Wyoming entrances may vary this year, according to a recent statement from the National Park Service.

You can find more information on that statement below.

Yellowstone Proposes Winter Date and Time Changes for Wyoming Entrances



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