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One Good Deed

Written by on June 14, 2021

So I wanted to share something that happened to me Monday morning…

Many of you know my voice from the radio every morning, but what some of you might not realize is that I also work behind the scenes & put together all of the ads you hear each day (you know, the stuff that plays between me talking & the music, lol!)  Anyways, I had some time between the end of my show & before my first client came in for the day, so I decided to head over to Albertson’s and grab a quick lunch.

After I was done paying for my lunch, a nice older lady stopped me & asked for a ride to her house.  I stopped & I thought about it for a moment & here’s why….  I have a hard time saying “no” to the elderly.  I ultimately decided to help her out, because, for all I know, she was somebody’s grandmother.  After walking with her to the door, I realized that she had locked her keys in the car, with the car still running (Been there, done that & it sucked.)

In the few minutes that it took me to drive this sweet lady to her house, I learned that she has a grown daughter living in New York, she came to America from Germany when she was younger & she also has a passion for gardening.  As a “Thank you” for helping her get home & grab her extra set of car keys, she tried to give me some money, but I kindly said “no.”  So instead, she gave me this beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers from her garden.

After I made sure she got into her car safely, I later found out that she’s a local business owner & we chatted a little longer.  We eventually exchanged numbers & she invited me over for more flowers 🙂

I guess the moral of my story is this:  It doesn’t matter how busy you are in your day-to-day life.  If someone asks for help, you should stop & help them, because you never know who you’re helping – A neighbor, a new local, someone’s mom or even a local business owner.

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