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Park County Search and Rescue Seeks Caver Volunteers

Written by on March 5, 2020

Are you a caver? Then you can become a life-saver.

Park County Sheriff’s Office Division of Search and Rescue is always looking for volunteers for their team, but in this case they are looking for people with a particular set of skills. Park County has several popular caves, which are often explored by recreational cavers. Park County Search and Rescue is the first to acknowledge they have limited training and experience in caving. They are currently seeking any local knowledge in this field or local cavers who are interested in joining the team.

Search and Rescue has been called several times this winter, enlisting the aid of ice climbers and snowmobilers in separate incidents. Both victims survived their ordeal and were treated, thanks to the quick response of Search and Rescue and other agencies. They are always looking for anyone with specific skills or interests to get involved with the team in order to increase their effectiveness in the field and therefore saving people quicker and more effectively.

If you feel you have a specialty skill that could be a valuable resource in the event of an emergency response, please reach out to Park County Search and Rescue Coordinator, Bill Brown.

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