Park County Search and Rescue (With Help) Save Injured Angler

Park County Search and Rescue (With Help) Save Injured Angler

Written by on September 15, 2021

An elderly angler was saved by Park County Search and Rescue and other area agencies after getting injured in a fall along Highway 14-16-20 last week.

On September 9th, 2021, the Park County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division received a call for assistance at approximately 3:36 P.M. An 84-year-old man had fallen and sustained injuries to his back and head while fishing near Highway 14-16-20 West near mile marker 27.5. He was located about 500 yards upstream under the bridge near the river’s edge.

Park County Search and Rescue, the Park County Sheriff’s Deputies, and Cody Regional Health all responded to the injured fisherman – and were unexpectedly joined by the Cody Fire Department.

A Sheriff Deputy was the first unit to arrive on the scene at 4:15 P.M. As other units were arriving, the Cody Fire Department, returning to Cody from another call, also stopped to assist. The gentleman was assessed by E.M.S. and packaged with a cervical collar and full-body vacuum splint for spinal immobilization.

He was then hauled up the hill via a rope haul system constructed by P.C.S.A.R. personnel. This method provides a mechanical advantage in moving large items with minimal effort.

Referred to as a “Dual Main 3:1,” the hauling system provides a pull that is three times easier, preventing rescuer fatigue while providing a safer extraction for the subject. This “rope haul system” is an example of the specialized training that the P.C.S.A.R. Team has received.

Once secured to a litter, the injured fisherman was transported to the waiting Cody Regional Health ambulance at approximately 4:58 p.m. He was then taken to the hospital, where his condition is currently unknown.

PCSAR Fisherman Sept. 21

Courtesy Park County Sheriffs Office

Multi-agency cooperation was the key to this rescue, which has become “the standard” for all responding agencies in Park County.

Park County Undersheriff Andy Varian said, “even though the fire department was not formally requested to respond to this incident, they immediately jumped in to provide service and answer the call of duty, just another example of the exemplary teamwork that can be counted on in Park County.”

Due to the extremely varied terrain in Park County, Search and Rescue volunteers undergo rigorous training to prepare for any possible scenario. That training benefits the county for the small and the big calls.

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