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Pink Super Moon

Written by on April 27, 2021

Aunika the amateur astrologist here!

I have always been fascinated with the moon, stars, and planets. And I especially love full moons and the energy they bring.

If you happened to have clear skies on Monday night, you may have caught glimpse of the “Pink” Supermoon. One of four this year, the full moon was high in the sky and closer to earth than usual, at 222,064 miles. This is 8% closer to earth than the average full moon, via

Photo Credit: Joel Kowsky-NASA

Now seeing the word pink may get you excited (I know it did for me), but really, the colorful name isn’t actually describing the color of the moon. It is named after the “moss pink” Phlox subulata, which is native to Eastern North America, and one of the first plants to bloom.

It is interesting to learn about the different names behind each full moon and its origins. Most full moons are named by Native Americans. They used the moon to keep track of time and the seasons. For example, the full moon in February is named the Snow Moon, usually signaling the heavy snowfall.

You can check out the full list of names here.

The full moon can also be correlated with astrology. The effects of the full moon energy can be felt for up to three days after. This full moon in Scorpio may bring feelings of wanting to change things up a bit. It also can bring feelings of wanting to communicate more than usual. So if you feel like taking a day off to go on an adventure, or talk to an old friend, just blame it on the full moon!

Next time there is a full moon, take a moment to step outside and gaze at the night sky, and take advantage of the energy it brings!

List of upcoming full moons in 2021:

April 26 — Pink moon
May 26 — Flower moon
June 24 — Strawberry moon
July 23 — Buck moon
August 22 — Sturgeon moon
September 20 — Harvest moon
October 20 — Hunter’s moon
November 19 — Beaver moon
December 18 — Cold moon

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