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Predicting This Year’s Super Bowl With Lunch Meat

Written by on February 10, 2023

Super Bowl fifty-seven is just 2 days away.

While many NFL experts have submitted their picks, the KZMQ Morning Show did theirs a little differently and you’ll never guess how they did it… WITH BOLOGNA!!

The mission was simple. Place two pieces of bologna on a piece of glass and see which one slides down last. While this may seem straightforward, it came with challenges.

Our first obstacle was that the bologna wouldn’t slide… so we improvised. We started by covering the slab of meat with hand sanitizer to see if that would speed things up. After waiting forty-five minutes, the meat remained motionless. We then thought, “hmmm… what’s something that’s slick enough, but not too slick that would make this entertaining?” Our answer was simple. LOTION!

Want to see how it all unfolded? Take a look at our short video!

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