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Proposed Park Meets Mixed Reactions

Written by on May 5, 2017

Children making music in an outdoor park near the library won’t be happening right away.

The County Commissioners this week heard from representatives of the Park County Public Library and the Library Foundation, who are asking for permission to add musical instruments to an area outside the library in what they call a Harmony Park.

Frances Clymer and Nikki Brew presented their request to commissioners Tuesday, prepared for objections from tenants of the Park County Building who are concerned about the noise level and potential disturbance that outdoor musical instruments may present. They brought data regarding decibel levels for the instruments, and testimonials from people around the country who say these parks are not a nuisance.

Nikki Brew, chairperson for the Park County Library Foundation, said that she believes the parks would be a positive addition to the playground outside the library.

At Tuesday’s meeting Michael LaBazzo, who leases office space from Merit Energy, objected to the idea of the park on the grounds that the noise would be disturbing to tenants of the Park County Building. Commission Chairman Lee Livingston agreed that their tenants need to be the commissioners’ first priority, although he did not shut the idea down.

The Commissioners chose not to make a decision this week, asking for more time to research the park and its potential impact.

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