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Rising Stars: Jessa Lynn, Ava Meier Feature

Written by on March 11, 2021

With the Cody Fillies set to take part in the 2021 Class 4A State Basketball tournament this weekend, today a look at a pair of Cody Fillies who are on rise. Jessa Lynn and Ava Meier have been playing a fantastic brand of basketball all season, whether it be on the JV team or filling in for varsity. Both these two players were key in helping the Fillies clinch a spot at the state tourney. Fillies head coach Chris Wagner has shown a belief in them all season and that payed dividends in securing the No. 3 seed at State. Jessa Lynn talks about what it was like to get on the court and how that helps going into state.

“It was really nice and the girls are very supportive. And so it makes me feel more comfortable and stronger as a player and easier to play with them and get a better feel with it.

One thing that’s been touched on all year is the youth of this team. Just four upperclassmen on the roster but when you watch this group on the floor, they’re mature beyond their years. Jessa speaks to that and while they’re set up so well for success. They (the games) helped out a lot because if we got more playing time at state instead of Regionals, would’ve been a little nerve wracking but it was pretty good for us to get some time to know it.”

“We haven’t really been focusing on the age, you know, a whole bunch. Our coaches just really been focusing on little things and little structures. Just through this past year and this season, it’s really helped us get better at just those small things to get us to do the big things.”

Heading into the state tourney, hopefully this is one of many more to come for the Fillies and Jessa is taking in every moment of the journey.

“It’s really exciting. I know because we’ve been working on it, it’s been our goal. Everyone’s excited, really focused on it and just progression from lots of losses last year to many wins this year is just huge.”

As for Ava Meier, she was a shining star gasinst Star Valley. Meier checked into the game and immediately made an impact with her grit and toughness and talkds about her mindset whenever she’s on the floor.

“Yeah, they’re a very physical team, Star Valley for sure. So I knew going into it, if I went in I was like ‘I’ve got to play physical, no playing soft, gotta go up strong, get those rebounds.’ So I do like playing physical cause I know if I play physical it’ll be a better game for me. That’s kind of my area, is physicality and just rebounds and stuff is fun.”

The maturity of this team really shone through once they had acvanced to state. While their was a celebration Ava adds there’s more to still play for.

“I always thought of a huge celebration going into state. It wasn’t as big as I thought but I think our team is more focused on state itself. We were focused on Regionals a lot but I think they were focused on the games more to come cause we had more games than just winning that one. That was just the first, that was just the beginning.”

And Ava says being a part of the State tournament will be a dream come true.

We’ve wanted it all season and just to win that game against Rock Springs was huge. Coach was like ‘you guys better get so excited after this. I want to hear your voices and screaming.’ It was just very exciting cause I think we beat Rock Springs State streak, which was really nice.”

The Cody Fillies will face-off with Thunder Basin in the first round of the Class 4A State Basketball Tournament, Friday, at 10:30 in the morning. Pre-game underway at 10:10. Catch Jessa and Ava in action all weekend for the Cody Fillies at State. You can listen to every Filly game live on KODI.

And here’s the link to listen to every game: https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cirrusencore/index.cfm?stationcallsign=KODI&playSessionID=5A440847-C102-9298-CE00760B14457260&embedOpened=true&embedOpenedApp=song&embedOpenedSong=%C2%A0&embedOpenedArtist=%C2%A0&embedOpenedAlbum=%C2%A0

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