Rock Creek Flood Updates & Aerial Footage

Rock Creek Flood Updates & Aerial Footage

Written by on June 13, 2022

The devastation from the Rock Creek flood event in Red Lodge, Montana is continuing this afternoon (June 13th, 2022). Folks in Red Lodge are doing water and supply runs according to Ironhorn Weddings on Facebook as well as Carbon Alerts. Carbon Alerts states, “Filled and unfilled sandbags are available at the County Shop in Red Lodge. If you need bags to help control flooding, please feel free to head over there to grab some.”

(courtesy of Beartooth Slingshot Rentals, Facebook)

According to Carbon Alerts, the water in Red Lodge has been turned back on for “most areas.”
“The area east of Broadway and North of 5th street will not have water as there is a water main leak in this area,” Carbon Alerts states.
People are being cautioned to boil their own water for drinking and cooking for those who use Red Lodge City water until further notice.
Red Lodge Public Works for working so hard to resolve the situation as the flooding is ongoing.
Red Lodge Buzz is a helpful resource to connect and find information.
Ironhorn Wedding states, “If you have a wedding in Red Lodge in the next few weeks, please look into making other arrangements.. Travel, Lodging and Venues are impacted. Head over to Red Lodge Weddings for more info.”

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