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Safety of Concern for Eclipse

Written by on August 21, 2017

After months of preparation, the day of the solar eclipse has arrived, and safety is of utmost concern to local agencies.
The Wyoming Highway Patrol has seen a substantial increase in traffic on Wyoming’s highways during the 2017 Solar Eclipse event. Officials say there have already been several vehicles versus wildlife crashes in the state over the weekend.
An issue that concerns health officials regarding today’s eclipse is eye safety. Kimball Croft with Park County Public Health says that viewing the eclipse improperly could damage your eyes for the rest of your life. However, he says there aren’t enough eclipse glasses in this area for every person who wants to experience the event – so he has a few suggestions for alternative methods of viewing.

The Highway Patrol points out that due to the heavy traffic, motorists may experience long delays on Wyoming highways as folks are heading home, and they ask that if you are traveling, be sure you have plenty of food, water, and fuel.

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