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SBHCH Improving Level of Care

Written by on April 13, 2017

South Big Horn County Hospital has had its troubles recently, but according to one board member, the changes that are being put in place are steps forward to a more professional, improved level of care for patients and citizens.

Sue Antley has been on the board of South Big Horn County Hospital for 12 years. In years past, she says that the board took a more hands-off approach when it came to recruitment and day-to-day operations. However, since the new hospital administrator took over in July of 2016, Antley notes that the hospital has made changes in how the organization presents itself to the public, how internal decisions are made, and in how they hire. She says this has resulted in a positive change in the quality of staff that has come on board.

In response to the unrest in the community regarding staff changes and employee satisfaction, Antley said that some of the employees that had been there for years simply didn’t like change, and that the people who are currently on staff enjoy a more relaxed working atmosphere. She spoke highly of hospital administrator John Adlesich, who she says encourages a more professional atmosphere, but in her opinion has an excellent relationship with the employees.

The hospital is involved in an ongoing investigation with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation. Antley says she understands the frustration of the community, but says the board’s hands are legally tied when it comes to what they can and cannot reveal.

Antley added that the board members take their responsibility as representatives of the citizens very seriously. She said they are acting in the best interest of the hospital and the community, but says she knows that is hard for community members to understand when they don’t know all the facts. Antley said that they are simply asking the community to trust the people that they elected, that they will do what’s right by the hospital and its patients.

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