Seasonal Closures Announced at Heart Mountain Ranch Preserve

Written by on February 18, 2020

The Wyoming Nature Conservancy is making some changes to the Heart Mountain Ranch Preserve.

Beginning this year, the Conservancy has announced the establishment of two seasonal closures. The preserve will be closed to unscheduled visitation from March 1st until the 1st Sunday in June and again from October 1st until December 30th.  Public accessibility is still possible, but you’ll need to make plans ahead of time with the conservancy.

For years, the Conservancy has been trying to find a balance between visitor use and natural preservation. This has led to several ad hoc closures over the years for a variety of reasons – everything from grizzly activity to the condition of trails. These closures will allow for the preservation of the natural resources that motivated them to purchase and preserve the property

The Wyoming Nature Conservancy hopes that these closures will bring more predictability for users, limit our liability, reduce impacts to wildlife, and maintain the condition of the trails on the Heart Mountain Ranch Preserve.

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