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To get an idea of just how long people have resided in the region, let’s take a look at three awe-inspiring archaeological sites near Cody. 

Considering how many people have traveled the route between Cody and Yellowstone since the park was first established in 1872, it’s a bit surprising that local residents remained unaware of Mummy Cave for so long.

In a state whose economy was built on mining, it’s appropriate that archaeologists have confirmed a red ocher mine in Platte County is the oldest mine in North and South America. The University of Wyoming announced the publication of an important archeological paper. In it, a long-standing hunch from a legendary Wyoming scientist has been…

Wyoming legislators may use 2022 to legally define the ownership of the state’s undiscovered dinosaurs, mammoths, and other fossils on private land. The 66th Session of the Wyoming Legislature will convene on Monday, Feb. 14. There are dozens of House Bills and Senate Files for legislators to consider during the session. One of the proposed…

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