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The Beartooth Highway Opens for Summer

Written by on June 1, 2020

The Beartooth Highway is open for 2020.

After another winter of intense snowfall, the Beartooth Highway is once again open for travel. Managing the road is the joint responsibility of many agencies. Every spring, the Montana Department of Transportation plows the road to the Montana/Wyoming border. The National Park Service plows the road from Wyoming, back into Montana and into Yellowstone. This is monumental undertaken given the winding road and the intense snowfall deposited. During the summer, both agencies manage and monitor the road.

While the road is officially open, that’s no guarantee that it’s traversable. The high elevation of the mountain pass means weather conditions can sudden change, and the road can be temporarily closed even in the height of summer due to inclement weather. The weather and road conditions should be considered and checked before making the trek along the pass.

You can find links to check the road condition report and current weather conditions here:

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