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Yellowstone Seeks Comments on WiFi Improvements

Written by on June 1, 2020

Want better Wi-Fi in Yellowstone? It’s time to speak up.

Yellowstone is seeking another round of public comments on about the impacts a Wi-Fi proposal may have on Yellowstone National Park’s historic properties or other cultural resources. The proposal from AccessParks includes the installation of indoor Wi-Fi networks and associated equipment for park visitors and employees at select park lodging facilities and employee housing. In mid-March, AccessParks released photo-simulations of what the proposed installations will look like. Given that these will be added to historic structures and the public hasn’t had the chance to comment since the images were produced, more comments are being sought out.

The installations will occur at Mammoth Hot Springs, Canyon Village, Grant Village, and many other buildings and lodges in the park, which will be funded by the Xanterra Travel Collection. While no new towers will be constructed, 39 antennas, dishes, and other associated units will be installed as unobtrusively and out-of-sight as possible.  The purpose of these antennas would be to deliver service directly to the developed areas and not to broadcast Wi-Fi signals. The service wouldn’t extend much beyond the buildings’ footprints.

Comments must be received by June 10, 2020. Comments may be submitted online at:, or by mail. Comments will not be accepted by fax, email, or by any other means. You can view the photo-simulations here: file:///C:/Users/news/Downloads/20190909%20YNP%20to%20WYSHPO%20_%20Access%20Parks%20_%20Enclosure%202%20_%20AccessParks%20Proposal%202020_03_16.pdf

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