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The WYold West Was Nuts

Written by on June 30, 2021

 This was a hard one to wrap my head around.

My first thought was what the actual… Who in their right mind came up with this idea, and thought yep nailed it! We should really try these and see if they taste as gross as they look, because why not!

Also who agreed with the nut job that had the cockamamie idea that would then spring into a must try thing?

Three words… Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Yep I am talking about this massive cows um “oysters”. The name is a lie nothing oyster about these treats at all.

So naturally I had to do some research on just how Rocky Mountain Oysters came to be. I began my world wide search AFTER we tried them.

I should mention that not only did we try Rocky Mountain Oysters, but we topped those bad boys off with a cricket. The video is a must watch it is well nuts! Here is what they look like… yummy right?!


Anyway back to learning about oysters of the mountains. This really does prove that Cowboys are truly rough and tough. So much so they snip, fry, and dip  oysters of the Rocky Mountain type right there on the ranch. Locally home grown and branded!

Now lineup livestock these ranch hands are here to um well just don’t ask questions. We need those for our party I mean for research and stuff. Here is our game plan. Your pain is our gain.

Truly that is how they came about. Some ranch hands had the idea of  snip snip snip em’ off and fry up over coals.

When an idea grows into a theme for a party back 1957 in Colorado, and it then becomes a epic dish I would call that a hit for sure! The only choice following the first round, because it was such a blast was to keep the ball rolling!



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