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Top 5 Pet Peeves

Written by on April 15, 2021

“Amen.” Food starts to circulate around the table, I take a spoonful of mashed potatoes and wait as the pork chops come my way, and then it is game on.

I dig in.

Now as soon as my 10-year-old self really starts to bask in the glory of a home-cooked meal one of my older brothers interrupts my romantic moment with the green beans and as I snap out of it I already know what is about to happen.

See my brother hated the way I chewed food. Said he couldn’t even think with the way that I ate. Again, I, being 10, took full advantage of this opportunity and proceeded to antagonize my brother to no end.

Obviously, my parents would have to step in and put a stop to the skirmish as best they could but it was inevitable. My brother had a big pet peeve and I knew it. Looking back I think both of us blew it out of proportion but I think that goes without saying when talking about two brothers.

The point of that little anecdote is to say that no matter what it is, we all have something either big or small that grinds our gears.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 pet peeves people grit their teeth through.

  1. Asking Questions during a Movie – This is one for me that can get on my nerves. I am the guy who immediately pauses the movie if a conversation starts. Let’s get it answered and get back to the fictional world I was just enthralled in until being rudely interrupted.
  2. Non-Apology Apologies – We have all been here before. Probably on the both the delivering and receiving end too. Sometimes when you’re really sorry it is best to just leave it at that. Then shut up. Don’t add a “but this” or an “if we” thing, just be quiet and let your sincerity marinate.
  3. Redundant Hashtagging – I am surprised this popped up so high on the list from Yahoo, but once I saw it I totally concurred. A billion hashtags after you post something is unnecessary to put it simply. I don’t know if I’d say it is pet peeve of mine because I just choose not to read the 10 different ways someone chose to hashtag “cute”
  4. Washing Hands with Soap after the Bathroom – Eh. Pet peeve? I get it. People are gross including myself but just stay away then. With that said, wash your hands’ people.
  5. Spoilers (and people who get upset about spoilers) – The internet moves at a pace now that is impossible to keep up with, so sometimes finding a spoiler is unavoidable. But, for people who get infuriated over finding spoilers to a series or movie you haven’t seen yet, get over it. When that happens to me I am usually able to force it out of my brain anyways.

Some other pet peeves that are on the list that I found to be common amongst myself and others were:

  • Slow Internet – Want to see my unreasonably angry? Get me in front of a computer that shouldn’t exist anymore and I will be seething. If my bladder is ready to explode too, then at that point I am pure comedy.
  • Guys who bring their Guitar to a Party – I have friends that are this guy. Don’t be this guy. We know you’re talented but sadly your rendition of that John Mayer song would just be better received from your room alone.
  • The word “Literally” I am guilty of using this word literally all the time. People don’t like it and I understand that. I think it makes me sound less intelligent and it is overused now. Ironically most of the time it is used it’s not literal at all but in fact it’s literally figurative.

We all have pet peeves that is no secret! (Humans can be super annoying.) But it is just important we get past the moment and keep that middle finger down when that guy cuts you off with the lack of the turn signal.


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