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Two Minors Cause $100,000 of Vandalism to Ralston Warehouse

Written by on October 15, 2020

Extensive vandalism was discovered in a private warehouse in Ralston, the result of two young troublemakers.

On Oct. 4, a Park County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call of vandalism in the “old Coors Warehouse” alongside the Ralston railroad tracks. The warehouse is currently owned by a private individual, who was not identified by the Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy discovered an extensive amount of damage inside the facility:

  • Graffiti in red paint had been sprayed onto the warehouse walls, grain bags, a forklift, and a dump truck
  • Multiple grains bags had been cut and their contents dumped out
  • Evidence of a small fire was discovered.

The culprits were a sibling pair of minors. They entered the building by breaking a door lock and proceeded to cause the damage. They finished their evening of damage after setting and stopping the fire.

At that point, the siblings left the warehouse and confessed the vandalism to a parent who went back to the warehouse to make sure the fire was fully extinguished. The parent then called the Park County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center – and the other parent.

The juvenile perpetrators admitted to all the damage the deputy discovered, in addition to two previous incidents of vandalism at the same warehouse, only one of which had been previously reported.

This was a costly night of vandalism. Estimated damage comes to over $100,000 — nearly $94,000 for the loss of grain and nearly $8,000 for cleaning up the vandalism.

The siblings continue to take responsibility for their actions, as the case is now under review at the County Attorney’s office.

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