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‘Unsolved Mysteries’: A Man Who Lost Everything

Written by on March 26, 2021

Imagine waking up and knowing nothing. Not your wife or kids, not your past, not even your own name or identity. That was the Reality for Pat Brown. If that was his real name.

A traveling man was walking across a road near Cheyenne when he discovered Brown who was laying down in a ditch in what seemed like could be his last day. The man discovered Brown by hearing him in a ditch echoing just three names: “Pat, Joel, Chris.”

He was found with just a hair comb and less then a quarter in change on him

The man was able to take Brown to a shelter where they were able to get him to a place where he was suitable enough to go out and get a job.

They had found some clues on him such as his ring finger looked as if it had once had ring occupy the finger meaning he was more than likely married.

Through living life in Jackson Hole he was able to slowly gain clues about his true past.

This is truly a ‘Twilight Zone’ like story. Would that even feel like living anymore? Knowing you left behind a whole life but don’t even know what it is?

The good news is, through all of the hints and clues, he actually found his family. He would go to a tourist shop in Jackson hoping they would turn up one day but his family ended up hearing about him.

It turns out his wife was his named Pat, and his sons were named Joel and Chris.

To read about all of the details of “Pat Brown” go their website.

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