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“Unsolved Mysteries” – Wandering in Wyoming

Written by on March 16, 2021

A man by the name of Donald Kemp was going through somewhat of a mid life crisis when he decided to take a trip to Jackson, but his destination was never reached.

On his way their he decided to stop by for a museum trip in Cheyenne. He was seen leaving the western museum after about two hours.

Don called back later that day (November 15th) just to make sure his stuff was still there.

That was the last time Don was really ever heard of again.

The next day his Chevy Blazer was found on and idling on I-80 a few hours away from any place of civilization.

As the search for Mr. Kemp ensued, a snowstorm hit that ended the search, and as far as we know it, may have ended his life.

Don was never found. Not exactly at least.

He was seen five months later in Casper in both a museum and in a bar.

The only link that could help locate Don was a couple of phone calls that raced back to a trailer. The man that lived in this trailer swore of no knowledge on the situation. This man proceeded to move out of Casper following the investigation.

Dons friend Sally and his mom both believe Don was taken captive or killed.

This was the first episode ever aired on “Unsolved Mysteries.”

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