Viral Youth Football Video Sends Social Media Into Uproar |

Viral Youth Football Video Sends Social Media Into Uproar

Written by on May 13, 2021

By now you’ve probably seen the video of two youth football players doing a tackling drill.  Number 1 in the video is trucked hard by the ball carrier which led him to staying on the ground for a few moments  then finally starting to get up slowly.

The tweeted video has over 19,000 likes with 16,000 retweets as of the writing of this article.


Twitter has react to the video made some comments about this particular video like the tweet up above. Some are wanting to have the coach be removed from coaching because of the potential years . One comment said, “These two young kids have learn more in this five second drill than they ever will in a full year.”

One the other side of the issue one comment was okay about this, “You put these kids in full pads and let them play football. But you expect to them not to get beat up in practice?” Another stated, “You realize that there’s a game on Saturday where all the kids will be out there doing the same thing.”

What are your thoughts about this hit? Should it be allowed for youth football players? When should tackle football start for young athletes wanting to be a part of the game?



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