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“Warrant Wednesdays” Use Humor, Social Media

Written by on January 8, 2019

The Park County Sheriff’s Office is whittling down their list of wanted criminals using humor and social media.
In December, the department launched “Warrant Wednesdays” on its Facebook page. The post uses colorful references and a humorous tone to ask the public’s assistance in locating criminals who have outstanding warrants.
Lance Mathess, spokesperson for the Department, says Sheriff Scott Steward thought that taking a lighthearted attitude towards a serious topic might strike a chord with followers on social media, and the tactic has proven successful.

Mathess says that the average viewing of their regular posts receive about 1500 likes – but the Warrant Wednesday posts are getting over 30,000 likes and 250 shares or more each week. Mathess added that their goal isn’t to arrest the criminals at large – it’s to encourage them to do the right thing and to take care of their obligations.
However, Mathess added that there have been several comments that have been made that have had a tone of hostility towards the people featured in the posts, and he urged people who comment on these and any posting on their page to maintain a degree of civility and not promote an atmosphere of hatred.

Mathess adds that Warrant Wednesdays are already considered a success, having resulted in the location of all four of the criminals highlighted on the posts, and one has turned herself in to authorities.

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