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WATCH: Momma Grizzly Lets People in Truck Know Who’s Boss

Written by on November 17, 2020

Disclaimer: There is a very brief moment of strong language in this video.

Here in Wyoming, we have plenty of grizzlies, but our neighbors in Canada have their fair share as well.

A hunter that was out looking for deer encountered a family of grizzlies on a backroad, and when the driver was spotted the mama grizzly began approaching the car. As the grizzly got closer and closer, the driver and his passenger started to get a little uncomfortable with how close the bear was getting.

Once the grizzly reached the car, it stood up on its hind legs a couple of times to show dominance to the two people in the car. After that, it moved on and went about its day. However, that is still a lot closer than you want to get to a grizzly bear.

Recently, a more playful bear video emerged from California which depicts two black bear cubs having a wrestling match on a golf course.  Check it out below.

WATCH: Black Bear Cubs Have Wrestling Match on Golf Course.



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