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WATCH: Moose Blocks Traffic in Alaska

Written by on January 18, 2021

What might be uncommon in most places can be a daily occurrence in Alaska.  Even in the biggest city in Alaska, you can still find wildlife roaming the streets as we see here in this video captured in Anchorage.

One driver got an up-close view of a moose that happened to be crossing the road.  This moose was clearly taking its time getting across the road and then decided to just stop as if it was purposely trying to make the driver wait.

The moose went on its way shortly after, but I am sure it was still a cool experience for the drive despite the wait.  As mentioned above, moose are quite common within the city limits of Anchorage and another moose was recently caught on video strolling down city streets.  Check out the video below.

WATCH: Moose Takes a Stroll Down City Streets

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