WATCH: Video of Bison Attack in Yellowstone National Park

WATCH: Graphic Video of Bison Attack in Yellowstone National Park

Written by on June 28, 2022

The 40-second video shows three people – including a small child – dangerously close to a large bison, which charges and seemingly tramples the child, then gores and tosses one of the adults.

A video initially posted on Reddit is trending on the internet (the video is aged-blocked due to the graphic content.) In the video, a group of tourists is injured after an incredibly dangerous encounter with a bison.

The video shows a group of tourists on a boardwalk at what appears to be the Old Faithful Geyser Basin on Tuesday, June 28.

Two adults and a young child are only feet away from a visibly angry bison. Rather than walk away, the group stands in front of the bison, with the child suspended between the two adults.

Then, the bison springs onto the boardwalk and aggressively charges.

Seeing the massive animal coming toward them, the group attempts to flee. However, the child runs in the opposite direction and directly into the path of the bison.

It appears the child is hit and may have been trampled by the charging bison.

Another adult – who appears to be unaffiliated with the group – turns and grabs the child, tossing them out of the bison’s path. Then, the bison headbutts the adult, catching their arm on one of its horns. The adult – who appears to be a man – is tossed and quickly dropped by the animal.

Both the child and the adult were able to escape after the incident, suggesting any injuries incurred by the bison were not serious.

Courtesy NPS & Jacob Frank

Yellowstone National Park will likely release a statement with details of the incident if any injuries are reported.

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