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Water Running High

Written by on June 8, 2018

If you’ve driven near any of the local creeks, rivers, or canals, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that they are all running pretty high.
The National Weather Service is warning residents in low lying areas that the Shoshone River is rising dramatically. Much of this is due to the increase in the releases from the Buffalo Bill Dam, which went up to 7500 cubic feet per second yesterday.
Yesterday evening, Cody Police Officers, Park County Sheriff’s Deputies, and members of the Cody Volunteer Fire Department filled sandbags at River’s Bend Trailer Park to block the high water that was threatening to breach the banks of the Shoshone River.
According to officials, the Buffalo Bill Reservoir is 89.5% full currently and is receiving inflows of 12,600 cubic feet per second. Because more water has had to be evacuated to accommodate the rapid snow melt coming into the reservoir, residents are warned that the river will be high and fast for the next week or so. Additionally, afternoon rainshowers could increase the flooding potential.
Anyone experiencing flooding issues should report those to local law enforcement.

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