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What do you wear to bed?

Written by on April 16, 2021

What about those folks who don’t wear pajamas to bed?

Dr. Douglas LaDier who is a  Psychiatrist says what you wear to bed reveals your personality.

For Men:

  • Pajamas — You’re a no-nonsense kind of guy, direct and straightforward. Once you’ve committed yourself, your relationships tend to last. You are steady, hardworking and you enjoy rugged outdoor activities.
  • Boxer Shorts/Briefs — You’re good at details and like order in your life. You are warm, friendly and caring. You remember birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.
  • Long Johns — You’re practical, secure about yourself, and you don’t follow trends. You work on a task until it is completed. You don’t like variety once you find a style you like, you stick with it.
  • T-shirts — You’re a down-home kind of man, not easily impressed by superficial people or material possessions. You’re mellow, slow to anger and enthusiastic at work.
  • Nude — You are creative, high-spirited, quick-tempered, and you have great confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. At work you’re known as an “idea man” who can quickly grasp the complexities of a problem and readily find a solution.

For Women:

  • Baby Dolls or Nightgowns — Sensual, sensitive and romantic, you’re always looking for excitement. You are also neat, orderly and meticulous about your appearance.
  • Flannel or Other Heavy Pajamas — You’re a warm, caring person with a smile for everyone and a hug for those who need it. You enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking and you’re very practical.
  • Teddy, Chemise or Camisole — You are very feminine, and you like to be coddled, petted and pampered. You love candlelight dinners.
  • Childlike Pajamas — You like the warmth and coziness of a strong, safe relationship. You’re reliable and steady at work and play.
  • T-shirt or Team Jersey — Generous and warm, you make friends easily. You are playful in your relationship. People confide in you, knowing you’re trustworthy.
  • Nude — You’re sensual, spontaneous, independent, and you respond to challenges at the drop of a hat. You are very trusting and like openness.

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