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Work That Is Not Work

Written by on April 28, 2021


 I personally can say when I am not working I am 100% in involved with watching our Robin, who yes we have named, build her nest. Others in the office for example. I give you Cole Havens our local awesome sports go to man. When he is not reporting on sports he is watching them. Don’t tell, but yes on company time!

This is so doing work. Yep. Working so hard.


One of many studies show that most people at work do not in fact work the whole time. The most popular unproductive activities listed were:

  1. Reading news websites–1 hour, 5 minutes
  2. Checking social media–44 minutes
  3. Discussing non-work-related things with co-workers–40 minutes
  4. Searching for new jobs–26 minutes
  5. Taking smoke breaks–23 minutes
  6. Making calls to partners or friends–18 minutes
  7. Making hot drinks–17 minutes
  8. Texting or instant messaging–14 minutes
  9. Eating snacks–8 minutes
  10. Making food in office–7 minutes

There are a lot of  weird ways people kill time at work.

What do you do or have you seen any that made you just think….wow. Ok. So that is happening. Let us know on our Facebook!

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