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Worland Middle School Drama Program Presents

Written by on February 25, 2021

The Worland Middle School Drama Program is putting on the musical “The Enchanted Bookshop” it starts tonight and another showing tomorrow at 7pm.

The musical is Directed by Naomi Durrant with the help of her ,University of Wyoming Drama Major, daughter Sariah Durrant.

Without a doubt a must see. It’s funny, clever, charming, and our kids are in it. The set was built by Dan and Scott Mattis. That gives the feel of the magical bookstore it was intended.

The costume design by Mandy Lowry and Caryn Ramirez is so spot on you don’t really need an introduction to the characters. They are straight out of the stories you  already know.

Naomi Durrant began the productions with auditions back just before Christmas. Giving her just seven weeks to get everything ready for tonight’s opening night.

The story is one that teaches a lesson on the importance of books and reading adventures. Drama. suspense, humor, singing, and dancing. Cute, and entertaining.

Samantha Seghetti play Margie the bookstore owner. Her cat Bombalarina is played by Avaree Utterback. The story begins with Lily, played by Ella Garcia, and her mother, played by Kadence Mosley go to the bookstore for an assignment for school.

The rest includes characters from out of the books themselves : Ellie Durant plays Dorothy and her dog Toto played by Hailey Wall. Robin Hood by Scottie Thomas. Thomas Nelson as Tom Sawyer. Sherlock Holmes by Landon Miller. Paige Lungren performs Pollyanna.

With her German accent and all Amillia Crawford as Heidi. The Book Fairy is played by Samantha Pierce. Sarah Dietz as Long John Silver. Dr. Dolittle is played Elly Julson. Addison Seghetti is the Queen of Hearts. Nolan Johnston is the King of Hearts. The Wicked Witch is performed by Jaden Butler. The Wizard of OZ by Peter Edholm.

The Villains are : Maggie Grzybowski as Fingers. Lillie Richardson plays Eddie, and the Lady in Red is Carlee Lowry. Officer Ketchum played by Kaela Nelson, and Fagin performed by Rosslynn Rutledge.

Hopalong is played by Collyn Ramirez and Tell Slagel as Frankenstein.

All of the production is by Middle School students as well. William Bishop, Oran Green, Peter Edholm, Lila Ramirez, Nolan Johnson, Abby Craft, Gavin Seghetti and Kristen Abercombie as they are affectionately known as the “Techno-Nerds”.

Others that shared support roles with effort, kindness, and their availability. Angela Richardson, Julie Edholm, Jacob Durrant, Beth Brown, Caranna Green, Mr. Clark, The Lowry Family, The Durrant Family, and All the hair and makeup.

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