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Will School Funding Shortfall Eliminate Some Activities?

Written by on February 25, 2021

With an expected cut in state funding, the Cody School Board could soon be facing some difficult decisions.

During the weekly “School Talk” segment Thursday morning on KODI’s “Daybreak with Darian Dudrick,” Park County School District No. 6 Superintendent Peg Monteith expressed concern.

She said one of the proposals being talked about at the state level would “cut funding for activities to zero,” forcing PCSD No. 6 to “scrape together general funds and eliminate some activities.” Monteith added, the district “spends close to $1 million on sports and activities every year.”

Sports like swimming, skiing and indoor track survived the chopping block a few years ago after the district was in a similar dilemma. The school board instead chose a different route which included making about a dozen staff assignment changes, such as eliminating numerous positions.

This time around, if the school board decides to reconsider the aforementioned sports among potential cuts, the debate could become even more contentious. In 2019, the board went the other direction and approved more activities spending by adding girls’ softball at the high school.

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