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The Washakie County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a missing Worland woman who was last known to be in the area of Nowater Trail, past the Worland Airport.

Breanna Mitchell, age 28, is 5’5″, 130lbs, has green eyes and brown hair.

She was reported missing Monday, July 24 at 9:16 a.m., but was last contacted on July 22nd after her vehicle had gotten stuck along the rugged terrain. Her last know GPS coordinates from her vehicle’s location are: N43.88408 W107.84982.

Multiple agencies have assisted in the search for the missing woman, who is believed to be traveling on foot with no shoes. Search and rescue sent out a helicopter July 25 around 5:30 p.m. and over 20 volunteers have been organized to assist in the search.

The bloodhound crew was sent out this morning, July 26 in the area where a boot and shirt were located, according to the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office.

“Keep in mind with these extremely hot temperatures the dog can only do so much. Thankfully he is willing to still try even though the conditions aren’t great for this type of K9 search,” said WCSO update. The agency is also following leads and talking to individuals.

“We are treating this as more than just a missing person. Just because we do not know exactly what happened yet.”

The vehicle was located by authorites on a two-track only two miles off of the trail, but Mitchell was not at her vehicle.

Her phone was able to be pinged, but Verizon claims the phone has been shut off.

If you have any information about Mitchell’s whereabouts or have seen or been in contact with her in the last 72 hours, please contact the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office at 307-347-2242.

UPDATE: (7/27/23 at 1:30pm)

The Washakie County Sheriff’s Office has released an updated about missing Worland woman, Breanna Mitchell.

Unfortunately, she has not been located yet.

Yesterday, a bloodhound and their handler were sent out into the area of Mitchell’s last known location, but they were unsuccessful in finding her. However, the bloodhound was able to pickup a few areas Mitchell may have been. The bloodhound was unable to keep on the scent though.

On Friday, the Washakie County Sheriff’s will be bringing in a dog with a different skill set to hopefully locate the missing woman. The Department has requested that everyone who is assisting in the search to avoid the Nowater Trail area, as the dog will be working in the area. This will take place Friday night and early Saturday morning.

The Sheriff’s Office has also reached out to Wyoming’s brand of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and they will now be assisting the department on this case. The FBI has more resources readily available, such as better technology to assist with data management and more training when it comes to missing persons cases.

The Washakie County Sheriff’s Office is exploring and utilizing as many resources possible to locate Mitchell.

The agency has been granted a search warrant to investigate Mitchell’s cell phone data, social media data, and email data in an attempt to generate any leads to locate her. The sheriff office is hopeful that this information will give them a better picture of who Mitchell was in contact with the day of her disappearance.

This information with also give the sheriffs and FBI a more accurate location of where her phone was the evening she went missing. The agencies anticipate that the data will be available to them shortly and they are receiving this info from multiple sources.

Washakie County Sheriff Austin Brookwell said he has been following up on every lead and interview individuals. “Mr. Romo has been cooperative with Law Enforcement and has been interviewed. He has also informed us that he will come in and talk to us if we have any other questions that come up.”

Mr. Romo is not the only person who has been interviewed about Mitchell’s disapperance. “Numerous other individuals have been interviewed as well,” said Sheriff Brookwell. “I will not go into details of these interviews as this is still an active law enforcement investigation.”

There are numerous rumors being spread about Mitchell’s disappearance, which is difficult to combat the misinformation. The Washakie County Sheriff’s Office would like to encourage the public to not believe everything they hear and to check their Facebook page for accurate information pertaining to Mitchell’s disappearance.

Sheriff Brookwell said, “I cannot respond to every single comment or message that is being sent on Facebook because we are busy doing other things.”

The Washakie County Sheriff’s Office is using all the resources they have access to at this time. The department Deputies have been working tirelessly on this case to try to bring Mitchell home.

Sheriff Brookwell also expressed his gratitude to everyone who has helped on this case so far. “Thank you to everyone who is trying to help I greatly appreciate it.”

If you have any information about the disappearance of Breanna Mitchell, please contact the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office at 307-347-2242.


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