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Wyo Stock Growers Association: ‘We Are Willing, Able and Prepared”

Written by on February 16, 2021

Wyoming is currently in a prolonged drought that will have adverse effects on the farming community in the State. BLM-Worland Field Manager Mike Phillips issued a notice to Stock growers stating that “If drought conditions do not improve, it is possible that there may not be enough forage to fulfill the total authorized (animal-unit-months) on permits or leases for the upcoming season.”

Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, Jim Magagna said, “I would commend Mike Phillips for sending that (notice) early.” He continued, “it emphasizes the importance of communicating early, whether revisiting your BLM range bonds and permits about grazing or even on your private lands.”

Magagna highlighted the options to ranchers who may be in a pinch during this drought as working with the BLM, delaying turn out, conducting business as normal while recognizing animals may need to be pulled off land early, or unfortunately sell off livestock if problems become insurmountable.

Jim Magagna said, “here at Wyoming stock growers, if we can be of assistance in anyway in helping them get access to federal assistance programs or hay supplies or anything like that. We are willing, able and prepared to do the best we can.”

He highlighted also highlighted an opportunity to have your concerns heard, “We are hosting an event on February 25th at 9am in the Cody Holiday Inn, to which people from Worland are most welcome.” He continued, “the event is focused on how to be in charge and take care of the investment made on your ranch. It’s an opportunity to talk about the drought issues and what type of assistance is needed and what we can do to provide that assistance.”

Registration is not required but is recommended. Interested parties can visit the website WSGA.org or call (307) 638 3942 to register by February 22nd.

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