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Wyoming College Students Pay Less

Written by on April 28, 2017

A recent national study shows that students in Wyoming’s higher education system pay some of the lowest prices in the country for their education.

According to a study conducted by Student Loan Hero, resident students in Wyoming pay about $122 per credit hour at Wyoming’s two- and four-year public schools. Only New Mexico and California had cheaper higher education options.

Factoring in other costs such as room and board, the University of Wyoming costs about $7,500 per semester. But Wyoming is also home to seven community colleges, including Northwest College. Starting next fall, Wyoming students will pay $94 per credit hour in base tuition, though fees bring that total up.

However, both the university and the community colleges are increasing base tuition. The colleges recently announced that they are increasing their tuition by about 5.6 percent, which translates to about $560,000 in additional revenue for the school system. The tuition hikes are due to a decline in state revenues, which has prompted cuts at both the university and community college level.

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