Wyoming Hair Salons and Barbershops Unrestricted Under New Health Order Amendments

Wyoming Hair Salons and Barbershops Unrestricted Under New Health Order Amendments

Written by on February 25, 2021

There’s been a change in the state’s public health restrictions for Wyoming’s hair salons and barbershops – there aren’t any restrictions anymore.

Governor Gordon and the Wyoming Department of Health have released the latest amendments to the state’s public health orders. As COVID-19 cases and deaths decrease across Wyoming, the restrictions on Wyomingites day-to-day lives are decreasing as well.

As of March 1st, Health Order #3 will be completely eliminated. That order placed limits on the operations of barbershops, nail and hair salons, tattoo parlors, and other personal care services.

By Monday, everyone in Wyoming will be able to get a haircut or tattoo without any state restrictions.

Attendance limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings will also be increased and protocols for restaurant and theater operations will be adjusted. Indoor gatherings that incorporate social distancing and face coverings are permitted for up to 25 percent of capacity or 1,000 persons, and outdoor gatherings of up to 2,000 persons.

Sporting events and artistic performances will see participation limits eased.

One thing that has yet to be eliminated? The mask mandate.

Wyoming Health Order #4 which requires face coverings in public has been continued. There’s no mention of the mandate or how long it will be in place.

Governor Gordon has hinted the mandate will be eased or eliminated soon but has yet to say when this will occur.

“The efforts made so far have allowed us to maximize attendance safely at larger events like the state high school wrestling championships this weekend and the state high school basketball tournament that was canceled last year,” the Governor said. “If we continue on our current trajectory, I expect us to be able to continue to remove orders as we safely return to a new normal.”

As of  February 25,  more than 16% of the state’s population has received at least one vaccine dose – one of the highest rates in the country. All Wyoming counties are now in phase 1b of the phased distribution plan, which includes adults 65 and over, frontline essential workers, and individuals with medical conditions that put them at higher risk.

Wyoming vaccine distribution information can be found at https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/immunization/wyoming-covid-19-vaccine-information/.

The changes are in effect from March 1-15. A fact sheet explaining the most recent update and the updated orders are attached. They can also be found on Wyoming’s COVID-19 website.


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