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Wyoming: I-80 Crippled by Californian in Mini Cooper

Written by on March 16, 2021

We all know that Californians come here in the summer months by the videos we see of them behaving idiotically around wildlife in Yellowstone, but they come here in winter as well.

A Californian driving a Mini Cooper near Laramie wreaked havoc when his car got stuck on Interstate 80.

This subsequently caused a monstrous pileup on the interstate with snow plows running into each other leaving the maintenance of the roads not to be tended to.

The troopers said that it took more than 4 hours for the whole mess to be cleaned up and of course that’s four more hours the roads were unplowed.

This clog up in the traffic resulted in other drivers trying to find different routes to their destinations resorting in them going to even worse conditioned roads.

People all around were getting stranded.

The non weather aware Californian had to pay for a tow back to Laramie.

Maybe next time we can get him arrested and that will teach him to really go all in and get the four-wheel drive mini cooper. Better yet, maybe a lifted Prius.

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