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Wyoming US Representative Liz Cheney “Blown Away” with Amy Coney Barrett and Supports Nomination

Written by on October 22, 2020

Since the passing of Supreme Court Justice member Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it has been a complete frenzy on both sides of trying to figure out not only who to put in to replace her but when the actual nomination should happen. The Democrats want the decision to be made after the presidential election, similar to when Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016 and the Democrats waited due to the Republicans determination.

Amy Coney Barret’s nomination got advanced today with the Democrat’s boycotting the vote and claiming that their absence makes it so their is not a proper quorum to conduct a vote. The vote was 12-0 with 10 abstention votes from the Democrats and the final vote will take place on Monday.

Wyoming’s US Representative, Liz Cheney posted an audio recording of her thoughts on the possible new Justice member and had some wonderful things to say on the candidate.

“I don’t know Judge Barret but I have to tell you… every moment that I have been able to watch I have just been so proud and so impressed.” Cheney went on to tell the anecdote of her introduction to Barrett which was her getting in her minivan with her kids to drive up to the Whitehouse to speak. That spoke volumes to Representative considering she was a mom of five and understands what it takes being a good mother. Whether Barrett is a high court member or not will not be known until the final vote and decision on Monday, October, 26th.


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