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Yellowstone Science Magazine Celebrates Archaeology

Written by on September 12, 2018

A new issue of Yellowstone Science magazine invites readers to celebrate the achievements of recent archeological research in Yellowstone.
Park Service officials say the issue includes articles focusing on obsidian, the Nez Perce Trail, and the historical archeology of Yellowstone. Additionally, a new feature called “Debunking the Myth” counters common misperceptions about use of the area in the past.
Central to the issue is the important work done by Dr. Douglas H. MacDonald. MacDonald’s surveys of the shores of Yellowstone Lake provide invaluable insights into how this huge body of water served as a hub of activity for thousands of years.
Guest editor and Chief of Cultural Resources Tobin Roop writes in the introduction that as much as archeology compels us to rethink how we define this landscape, it makes the story of Yellowstone National Park deeper and richer, helping us understand that this place was important long before early European explorers came here.
The new issue of Yellowstone Science is available online at

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