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Bears Work Faster Than Your John Deere

Written by on May 27, 2021

With the weather changing that means more camping, weekend barbecues, and it is time to pull that mower out of the garage again and fire her up.

Unless of course bears were your grass-cutting plan for the summer then this family may have it all covered.

A family in Moran, Wyoming woke up to a bear family chomping away at their lawn. Even for a Wyomingite, that kind of up-close look at multiple bears is pretty rare.

The family said that:

“When you live in a national park you expect to see wildlife, but seeing this family of grizzlies from our bedroom window was pretty special.” 

Considering their location being adjacent to the Tetons, there is a slight possibility that this is the famous Grizzly 399 with her cubs. Either way, I am sure it was refreshing getting to skip a Saturday mow session.

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