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Beginner friendly hiking trails within 30 miles of Cody

Written by on February 23, 2022

The wonderful thing about living in Wyoming is the endless access to some of the most beautiful terrain our world can offer. While many people travel from all parts of the country to experience it for themselves, we are lucky enough to have it sitting right outside our backyard. Wyoming is known to have great hunting, fishing, and off-roading. It is also known for having some of the most breathtaking hiking trails. No matter what skill level you are in, there are plenty of options for you. Today we are going to look at the 3 best “beginner-friendly” hiking trails that are within 30 miles of Cody.

  1. Hayden Arch Bridge

Ranked as one of the easiest hikes in the area, the 4.2-mile journey to and from the bridge is always filled with people looking to spend some time outside. Due to the trail’s great condition, many people can be seen biking or riding a horse as well. The pathway is paved and wide for the first mile and then turns into a flat rock-lined path that takes you to its destination. This trail would also be great for dogs. Some of the drawbacks that people share about the hike is the (lack of) difficulty, the number of people on the trail, and the struggle to find parking. While many folks may prefer something more challenging, hiking to the Hayden Arch Bridge is a perfect way to explore Wyoming in a quick and easy way.

  1. Sheep Mountain Trail

Sheep Mountain Trail is located about 10 minutes up the North Fork and starts at the end of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir.  While the hike is listed at moderate difficulty, this hike has many options for those who are looking for a quicker and easier adventure. The hike offers beautiful views of the reservoir and is far less crowded than the Hayden Arch Bridge. While the trail is in rough shape, it is easy to follow, and dogs wouldn’t have a difficult time navigating their way. Some important information to note, make sure to bring bear spray on this hike and try to travel in groups. Also do not be surprised if you run into a rattlesnake during the summer months. This hike is in the mountains and is away from civilization so you will run into critters.

  1. Elk Fork Trail

The trail is located 28 miles up the North Fork and is located behind the Elk Fork Campground. This hike is great for those who are looking to get into hiking because it presents challenges but is easy enough for the whole family. While you are up in the mountains hiking this path, you have great visibility throughout its entirety and the chances of startling an animal are slim. If you continue down the path long enough, you will come across two river crossings where many people like to stop and enjoy some snacks. The trailhead houses a dirt parking lot, a large area to park your horse trailer, and a campground that provides the opportunity to spend the night in the wilderness.

Wyoming is constantly ranked as one of the most beautiful states in the country and many people make their way out here to see it first-hand. Whether you’re looking for something to do for a couple of hours or an adventure that can take up your whole day, the options are endless. Hopefully, this helps and can provide a little glimpse of the wonderful things this state offers. Welcome to Wyoming!

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