Brent Bien Shares Fourth of July Fireside Chat on YouTube 

Brent Bien Shares Fourth of July Fireside Chat on YouTube

Written by on July 5, 2022

Wyoming Gubernatorial candidate Brent Bien, following his recent debate with candidate Rex Rammell (Gordon could not attend the event due to a “long-standing commitment”) at the Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate in Worland, Wyoming, shared a fireside chat on YouTube to commemorate the Fourth of July.

Lander Valley, Wyoming. Courtesy of Brent Bien, Facebook

Bien is facing the difficult task of having to appear more principled in his conservatism than incumbent Mark Gordon while simultaneously distancing himself from Rex Rammell’s singular focus on returning federal lands to the state. The degree to which Rammell and Bien disagree on this point is minimal (Bien recently said he also supports federal lands being returned to the state but added the caveat that “we need a plan for dispossession”).

Bien’s YouTube fireside chat addresses many of these issues, calling himself “the principled conservative Republican candidate running for Governor of the greatest state of the greatest nation in the history of the world, right here in Wyoming.”

“I am a native of this great state. My father was a Marine Corps Officer so that took us around different parts of the nation and out here in the west. I did come back and go to the University of Wyoming. I graduated from the engineering college, and I too was commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer,” Bien says.

Regarding his long career in the military, Bien adds, “I see just how fragile freedom is.”

In terms of Bien’s decision to run for governor, he cites failures in leadership both nationally and here in the state of Wyoming. “I took it upon myself to say, okay, I’ve had enough,” Bien explains.

“My whole campaign is gear around one word…freedom,” Bien states.

In Bien’s view, second amendment rights, the rights of the unborn, and private property rights need to be defended and they need vigorous and renewed defense. Bien often defines his campaign as part of an effort to “pursue government accountability.”

“It’s up to us, it’s up to the government to regain the trust of the citizenry,” Bien says.


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