Wyoming State Senator Challenges Liz Cheney for US House

Wyoming State Senator Challenges Liz Cheney for US House

Written by on January 21, 2021

Anthony Bouchard cites two politicians as his inspiration for a run on the national stage: current Representative Cheney and former U.S. President Donald Trump.

A Statement of Candidacy has been officially filed by Wyoming Republican Anthony Bouchard of Cheyenne to the Federal Election Commission – Bouchard will challenge Representative Cheney in the primary election for the 2022 Election when Cheney is once again up for reelection for Wyoming’s sole seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a Wednesday Twitter post announcing his campaign, Bouchard pulls no punches.

Bouchard represents Cheyenne in the Wyoming Senate and has since 2017. His Twitter shows a long-standing opposition to Cheney and her policies, suggesting she is a “neoconservative” and profits off engaging in long-term foreign wars.

Bouchard’s new campaign slogan is “Stand Up For America.” On a newly launched website, he claims to be a proven conservative leader, accuses socialists of turning the nation into “a weak European-style politically correct welfare state,” and says Wyoming should be electing the most conservative representatives in the state.

The timing is no coincidence.

Wyoming Republicans have been extremely vocal in their disapproval of Cheney. Most of this angst stems from her public statements on the 2020 Election and lack of support for President Trump once the election was called for President Joe Biden

A petition to recall Liz Cheney on change.org has acquired nearly 40 thousand signatures as of Wednesday, Jan. 20. However, no number of signatures will change the fact that Wyoming cannot recall its congressional representatives.

Cheney is aware and undaunted by the dissatisfaction of Wyoming’s Republicans. When publicly confronted with the dissatisfaction of her party considering her vote to impeach President Trump, she adamantly stated “I’m not going anywhere.”

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